"Vince Duke has a rare gift that is unmatched in most artistic circles. He can look at a home and visualize in his mind what the replica should look like. He recreated our 120 year old family cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee---much to the joy of my parents. It is a treasure that we will always cherish. You cannot go wrong with his vision and talent!"

SJ - Indianapolis, Indiana

"Resting proudly and conspicuously in our lake cottage sitting room is a miniaturized but amazingly accurate model of our 100 year old cottage. No visitor ever fails to marvel at the design and detail crafted by its creator, Vincent Duke. His attention to detail, craftsmanship and artistic eye all are brought to bear upon the final creation. It is as if the small model was conceived and built first, with the home following in the model's pattern. Although designed for possible use as a dwelling for wild birds, the replica has become too precious for our family to share this one-of-a-kind marvel with our winged friends (we have other more traditional houses for that need……).

As the years pass, and future generations of children and grandchildren enjoy the pleasures of our family cottage, our valuable Vince Duke piece of remarkable art will continue to inspire."

M. E. Tardy, Jr. M.D.

"The cottage replica has been the surprise hit of the season. I think I have found two new customers for you in the process...everyone loves it...especially mom and dad. Dad has taken it to the office to show everyone, and mom had it on display when she hosted her faculty Christmas party. It has also made the rounds to a few friends' homes in the back of the car. I think it is safe to say that they love it. The only problem is I will never be able to replicate the thrill, excitement and surprise as I did with the cottage replica! Dad has it on the coffee table here in Indy, in front of his favourite chair and he literally sits and looks at it mesmerized, occassionally rotating and adjusting for a new perspective.

Thank you so much for your thoroughness, your ability to translate my idea of making it into a unique stationary cupboard from the sketches I sent you and keeping me up to date throughout the whole process with pictures and e-mail descriptions. Considering you were in Culver and I was in London, it was quite an easy and transparent collaboration!"

MK - London, England

"Approximately a year ago we began looking for someone who could construct a small wood chapel that would serve as the final resting place for the ashes of our Golden Retriever, Lucy. We wanted a replica of “The Chapel on the Green” in West Arlington, Vt. where my wife and I were married several years ago. We contacted Vince Duke at Maxinkuckee Replicas, and he enthusiastically embraced the concept of constructing the chapel as a memorial for Lucy’s remains, as well as creating an architecturally accurate reproduction of the historic chapel. Vince was absolutely the right choice for this project because he thoroughly understood that the chapel replica represented many of our dearest memories and deepest emotions. Over the course of the chapel construction, frequent communication including emailed pictures showed us the progress, and served as opportunities to ask questions and make any modifications. Vince has an incredible eye for detail and craftsmanship. Nearly eight weeks after the start of construction, the replica of Chapel on the Green arrived, and we were stunned with the result. The chapel was reproduced in scale and detail to absolute perfection! As we placed Lucy’s ashes into the tiny chapel, it became far more than the perfect replica of a Vermont chapel, it became the symbol of the best memories of our lives. We can never thank Vince enough for creating this treasure for us."

Dale & Jackie Hepner,
Bend, Oregon

"I would like to recommend Maxinkuckee Replicas to anyone that would like to give a really unique, one of a kind gift, a gift that has special meaning to the recipient.

Vincent Duke did a perfect job replicating my sister’s house and she was completely taken aback and overjoyed when she opened her birthday gift.

Vince kept me informed during the construction with pictures and emails. Everything went exactly as he said it would and although I saw photos of the finished product, I was amazed at the detail and perfection of the birdhouse when it arrived."

Judith Beaudoin
Rochester, N.H.