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In January of this year, I was commissioned to build a replica of one of the most beautiful architecturally unique homes now gracing the East Shore of scenic Lake Maxinkuckee here in northern Indiana. Made entirely of pine, poplar, bass and spruce woods, the replica was completed June 20, 2010. It required hundreds of hours to construct due to its complex design and intricate architectural details.

The client requested that I design the replica as a keepsake rather than a birdhouse. Given the architectural complexity of the structure, this presented special design and construction challenges. The final design resulted in six individual interior compartments of varying dimensions, each accessed by a removable roof section.

The actual house has nearly 150 individual windows and doors. Each window and door was meticulously replicated, down to the exact number of window panes and door panels. The beautiful lake-side pagoda was especially challenging to replicate!

This photo shows the early stages of design and construction The main house, porches and removable roof sections are complete. The next step was to begin creating the over 150 windows and doors A major challenge was to design the replica so that each of the six individual compartment roofs could be removed independently of each other

The finished replica. Lakeside view South view Street-side view
The "widow's walk" on the roof of this compartment provides a convenient knob for lifting off and replacing the roof section

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