Helpful Hints for Those Who Order Our Replicas

  • We will need crisp color photographs of all four sides of the building you wish to have replicated. We ask the client to provide the photographs. The photographs should reveal as much structural detail and color clarity as possible.

  • If ordering a birdhouse replica, please tell us if you plan to use the birdhouse outdoors as a functioning birdhouse dwelling or indoors as an accent piece for a room or office. This will help us choose the most appropriate materials when constructing your birdhouse. If you definitely plan to use the birdhouse outdoors or you are not sure, we will install proper ventilation and drainage holes.

  • If the birdhouse is to be installed outdoors and there is a specific bird that you would like to attract, let us know. Each species of cavity-dwelling wild bird prefers a certain doorway dimension, interior size, doorway height from the floor, etc.

  • If you know the manufacturer, the specific color(s) and I.D. number of the paints or stains used on the exterior of the building we are replicating, this will expedite the project considerably. If you don't know, we will have our paint supplier attempt to match colors as closely as possible.

  • If possible, please give us an idea of the size and scale that you are looking for in your replica. For example, if you order a keepsake storage box or a birdhouse that you plan to use indoors as an accent piece, it is helpful to know the approximate size of the room where you intend to display the replica or if there are space limitation (i.e. shelf size, table top dimensions, etc.). Similarly, if you order a birdhouse that is to be used outdoors as a functioning dwelling, knowing the planned location can help us design the birdhouse so that it is properly proportioned for that lawn or garden space. Color photographs of the lawn or garden area will be needed.

  • If the replica is intended to be gift and needs to be completed and delivered by a certain date, we must know this at the time of ordering. Our replicas take many hours to complete and are constructed one at a time based on the date the order was received. We want to be sure that we can realistically meet your delivery date expectations.