Maxinkuckee Replicas are meticulously constructed using a combination of quality Ponderosa pine and poplar woods and finished with high-quality, environmentally-friendly acrylic latex paints.

The process of construction begins with a thorough review of photographs of all sides of the structure. For more complex homes and buildings, a cardboard mockup may be made to determine proper size and scale. Once size, scale and level of detail is determined, work begins. We pay special attention to intricate details such as window and door placement, colors, trim and any distinguishing features of the building.

If you have access to e-mail, we will send you weekly construction progress reports and digital photos of the replica throughout the construction process.

When we are done, the replica, keepsake box or birdhouse will be a true likeness of the building you commissioned us to replicate. It will be signed and dated.

Each of our replicas sits on an attractive base with wooden button feet on the underside. Keepsake box interiors are usually stained (you can choose any color stain you wish such as cherry, walnut, mahogany, etc.) and sealed with a polyurethane sealer. Birdhouse replica interiors are always left unfinished for the benefit of the inhabitants.

Depending upon the complexity of the design and architecture of the building, it can take up to eight weeks to complete a replica. Every attempt is made to provide a realistic estimate of construction and delivery time at the time an order is placed.