About Us

I first started designing and building model replicas of houses and other buildings early in 2004. Woodworking has always been a favorite hobby of mine and the idea of building replicas of houses began with a somewhat crude replica of our own house here in Culver, Indiana. That original replica, designed to attract Wrens, now sits proudly in our backyard and is home each Spring to a family of delightfully vocal Wrens!

Some of the first replicas that I created were birdhouse replicas of stately buildings on the beautiful campus of The Culver Academies, a premier private co-educational boarding school located here in Culver. Over time, word of my unique “hobby” began to spread and people started to commission me to build birdhouse or keepsake box model replicas of their homes and other favorite buildings. Maxinkuckee Replicas has since evolved into a unique small business that has attracted clients from across the United States.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of my work is the tremendous attention to detail that I put into each and every project. The exact number of windows, doors, railings, porch steps, even window panes, are incorporated into each replica design.

Although all of my birdhouse replicas are designed to be fully-functional birdhouses for outdoor use, few are actually used outside. Most clients say their replicas are simply too beautiful to be exposed to the elements. My replicas usually find a special place in the client’s home or office and become an enduring conversation piece for years to come.

The Maxinkuckee Replica name comes from nearby Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana’s second largest natural lake, located in the north central part of the State. The Town of Culver is a beautiful lake resort community, often referred to as the “Rivera of the Midwest”, with its beautiful lake homes, fine restaurants, golf courses, quaint shops and laid-back life-style. If you are ever in our neck of the woods, please visit.

Vincent M. Duke, Artisan
Culver, Indiana